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About the artist

From the moment I started my path to art in mostly oil painting, I fell in love with it. Now, I notice I’m seeing the world in different colors and lights. I like to capture the energy of what I see in vivid colors and strokes.

The artistic vibes have been running in the family for generations. In 2017 I started in Singapore to paint on regular basis. I’m known for a modern impressionist style. My fascination lies in immortalizing impressions by a width pallet of colors and divers’ strokes. I try to go beyond the reality and exaggerate.


I use oil paint which dries slowly and allows me to play a bit more with colors and shapes. I love nature, animals, peoples, villages and towns to capture. Do you have a special topic in mind that you would like to have painted? Let me know! I’m taking commissions in any topic and almost every size.

Enjoy! Karen 

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